I commenced my artistic path as a painter. Yet, I have always felt a special affinity for space and recognised sculpture as a way of expressing myself more freely, academically unburdened. This allows me to express a primordial sensitivity, which I appreciate in children, mentally handicapped persons and natural peoples. In my research I have paved the way for the development of my own drawing, which is produced impulsively, in large quantities and is my permanent companion. As I draw a line across the paper or canvas, I can be overcome by immense enjoyment. I feel the same pleasure when my drawings on curtains become the basis for embroideries, which are then produced by my mother. I strive for them to retain a freshness, although it is slow-going, persistent embroidery, which is opposite to my drawing. I attain this through visible painting, which happens before embroidering, orsometimes after.

After all these years, I face a draft of a monograph that represents my oeuvre and is a synthe-sis of my work in the studio and engagement with something that is most prominent in my life. Art. I love art because first of all, it lets me learn about myself and then enables a communication and response from the audience. Because of art, I am meeting people on my path that surprise me with their being. In the works that emerge, I try to be sincere and honest all the time, which is the only way I know how to be.

Saša Bezjak